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Dr. Diana Nguyen and her team of highly trained specialists have developed a comprehensive array of physical therapy techniques for your specific needs. If you have sustained an injury that makes it hard to stand, walk, or run, or you just want to feel more in control of your own body, GLO MD Wellness Spa will tailor a physical therapy regimen for you. The medical spa, located in Costa Mesa, California, is the area's premier physical therapy destination. Please call or schedule a complimentary consultation online today.

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

The role of a physical therapist is to diagnose and treat individuals, regardless of age, who feel restricted in their ability to move or perform their daily activities. This can range from straining while standing up to not being able to play a sport. In physical therapy, the name of the game is pain reduction, and through a combination of exercises and physiotherapeutic practices, we at GLO MD Wellness Spa aim to restore, maintain, and further our client’s optimal physical function.  

The vision statement for the physical therapy profession is to serve by “transforming society through optimizing movement to improve the human experience, ” and that's what we wish to achieve for our clients.

Can physical therapy be painful?

One of the primary objectives for our patients is pain relief. Movement is the goal and the hurdle to overcome. Your physical therapist will diagnose and provide you with the appropriate regimen of exercises that will treat your specific ailment. Most often the desired result is achieved through hands-on techniques in sensitive areas.

While certain practices including ultrasound stimulation and hot-and-cold therapies are considered pleasant and soothing by most patients, other treatments may cause momentary discomfort. Not to worry, these discomforts are your body reclaiming movement lost to pain. Under the supervision of our trainers, you'll regain pain-free movement.

What are some physical therapy treatments?

All physical therapy treatments are designed to intervene pain and rehabilitate mobility through active and mobilization methods. Our physical therapists practice both active range of motion (AROM) and active assistive range of motion (AAROM) techniques using gravitational resistance to aid our clients through their restorative journey. Stationary bicycling, gait training, and isotonic muscle contracting for strengthening are all practiced within the active portion of our program.

Alongside our active exercises, GLO MD Wellness Spa offers mobilization procedures including soft tissue mobilization for decreasing swelling and bolstering relief. Through therapeutic massage techniques, our physical trainers offer muscle relaxation that can smooth the strength regeneration process. This decreases scar tissue adhesion and offers pain relief in between the more active exercise portions of your treatment.    


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  • Hi my friends! My experience with Dr. Diana is always amazing and she knows exactly how to bring that youthful healthy look back to my face.

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