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Dr. Diana Nguyen understands that aging is an inevitable fact of life. With middle-age comes the loosening of skin around the face that creates jowls, causes sagging, and ultimately wrinkles. GLO MD Wellness Spa, located in Costa Mesa, California, offers a variety of non-invasive procedures like Threadlift with NovaThreads to keep your skin taut and defy the aging process. Our most common and recommended procedure is polydioxanone, also known as PDO. Call or click ‘Book Online’ to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Nonsurgical Facelift Q & A

What is Polydioxanone (PDO)?

Polydioxanone is a cutting-edge and medical community approved synthetic fiber material used as a skin suture to lift sagging skin and give you a more youthful, firm appearance. No cuts, no incisions, just injection application with little to no downtime for our clients. The body gradually absorbs the threads over the course of 4-6 months.

During this time, the PDO threads stimulate collagen production and elastin synthesis around where the threads are applied creating lasting results. When coupled with BOTOX® or INFINI® skin rejuvenation technology, the desired effects of the PDO are amplified and sustained longer.

What can I expect during and after the treatment?

The PDO treatment typically is completed within 30 minutes or less. The elegant simplicity of the procedure requires only a needle with the threads to be inserted in the desired area. Once the needle is withdrawn, the threads immediately begin to work their rejuvenating magic.

Some clients may experience slight irritation around the affected site that may cause some swelling or bruising, but this will last just a few days. If unintended side effects persist, please contact Dr. Nguyen immediately. Most clients recover for a few hours after the procedure but return to their normal mode of activity the next day.

Strenuous exercise isn't recommended because facial straining may cause the threads to shift. As mentioned previously, the threads remain for 4-6 months before naturally dissolving. The results of the procedure last around six months to two years.

After the initial procedure, the effects can be bolstered every six months to a year with the addition of more threads, BOTOX, or INFINI to keep seeing spectacular results.    

Is PDO facelift treatment right for me?

PDO injections are recommended for clients with mild skin sagging. The PDO treatment is more of a touch up than an overhaul. If you’re intending to relieve moderate to severe skin sagging in the facial and neck region, you might consider a surgical lift.

If you're uncertain about the severity of your sagging skin, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our providers to determine the best treatment for you.


Words from our patients

  • This was my second time I had my facial done at Glo MD and they gave an excellent treatment and staff are very friendly.

    Georgie T.
  • Hi my friends! My experience with Dr. Diana is always amazing and she knows exactly how to bring that youthful healthy look back to my face.

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